Custom 3'x6' Graduation Banner Design Assistance

Custom Banner

Our Graduation Banners are easy to customize

  • 1- Sign in. If you sign in and create an account, (we don't use this for marketing) you'll be able to save your designs and come back to finish later
  • 2- Add to Cart - This button will bring up a prompt box that adds the completed banner to your cart and complete your order
  • 3-Here is where you can change the corner color to your school color. Choose from the color palette to see the color change.

  • A-Customize the congratulations message here. You can change the color and message but take care it has limited space and your message may be squeezed.
  • B-Change 'Your Name' to the name of your graduate.
  • C-Don't forget to update the graduation year here.
  • D-Update your school name on the diagonal here

Custom 3x6

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