Yard Sale Yard Sign | Black/Yellow Arrows

I know from experience how hard it is to prepare for a yard sale. For all the hard work you're doing organizing your offerings and pricing everything why leave to chance that people will see your ad on Craigslist or Facebook and come to your sale. Passersby could barely read that handwritten sign you had last time. This yard sale yard sign is the perfect medium for you to say STOP I'm having a yard sale today and I have something you want. Black and yellow really show well and are easily seen as motorists drive by. Get yours today! Clean it up and store it away when you're done and it will work for your next yard sale, too.

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H-Stake Frames

HStake Frame

Customers who purchase yard sign panels also include h-stake wireframes in their order

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Spider Stakes

Spider Stake

Customers who purchase yard sign panels also include spider-stakes in their order

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