Yard Sign Stakes & Frames

Ordering custom yard signs? Don’t forget your sign stakes and frames. Choose from our affordable H-Stake Wireframe or our Spider-Stake option. 
Displaying your signs is made simple with easy install features that allow you to have your corrugated plastic sign up in no time.

H-Stake Frames

H-Stake Frames are a wire base frame that provides your sign with a clean and professional display solution. Installation is easily completed by using both hands on either side of the vertical wire to press the frame into the ground. H-stakes work best in soft soiled areas so frame can be easily pushed through the surface. 

Spider-Stake Frames

Spider-Stake Frames make sign installation simple. Made from recycled plastic, the sturdy Spider-stake frame is made with a foot-step which makes it easier to penetrate solid ground. It’s durable and affordable sign display option.


Unsure Which Yard Sign Stake is Best for You?

If ordering multiple lightweight lawn signs, you may be installing them in various locations when wind conditions vary. Also, you may want one sign location to be long term, and another short term or seasonal. Depending upon these factors, it may make sense to order a mix of spider-stakes and H-stakes for your sign installation project.

Need custom Yard Signs for your business?

View our custom Yard Sign templates and design your custom sign online in as little as 5 minutes!

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