Real Estate Frames | Dimensions & Construction

When you need to know the dimensions size of our frames this is the place to be. All of our frames are made of 3/4" angle iron with 3/4" angle iron cross bars. The frames are painted white or black, which you'll see in the drop down when you click to order your frame. Your PVC panels and riders will slide in to their appropriate slots, no bolts, clips or other little accessories to get lost or break. Custom Sign Center produces all of our frames in house for consistent quality of construction. All of our real estate panels fit snugly in our frames.

  • 1/4" angle iron construction
  • 1/4" angle iron cross bars
  • Painted white or black (see individual product page)
  • No bolts, clips or other accessories to get lost or break
  • Produced on-site for consistent quality of construction
  • Weight of each frame is approximately 10 pounds but can vary depending upon size and number of rider slots.

Below are images of our real estate frames with dimensions listed for your review. Please visit our Frames Page to order.

18x24 in. Main Panel with 6x24 in Bottom Rider                 18x24 in. Main Panel with 6x24 in. Top & Bottom Riders                 24x24 in. Main Panel with 6x24 in. Top & Bottom Riders                  20x30 in. Main Panel with 6x30 in. Bottom Rider


# 40 Frame                 # 60 Frame                 # 65 Frame                  A Frame 18x24


Speciality Frames

72Frame                 # 70 RE/MAX Horizontal Frame                 Flag 12x18 in                  #KT Frame


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