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How Do I Maintain My New Magnet Signs?

Take care when applying your new magnet to your vehicle that both the black magnet side and the vehicle surface are clean and dry.  If you're concerned about damage to your vehicle use some extra wax on the car surface as well as the magnet surface prior to application.

Caring for your magnet is easy, too. Remove the magnet and clean with warm water and a mild soap, then wipe both sides with a dry cloth. Be sure to clean the surface of the car as well. Clean up should be done weekly.  During humid conditions you should remove the magnet and wipe with a dry cloth to keep moisture from accululating. Doing minor maintenance keeps your car and your magnet in fine condition.

Magnetic signs offer a simple, non-permanent, and transferrable way to turn any vehicle with a steel-construction body into a marketing asset. Following commonsense practices can extend the life and luster of the graphics, like storing the vehicle indoors, or removing the magnet from weathering elements when you're expecting to leave it outdoors and idle over long periods of time.

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