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Whether lettering, door or window decals, or vinyl wrap, vehcile graphics are so effective for lead generation and brand recognition, they are often referred to as mobile billboards. Vehicle displays are flexible, working for your business even when parked on a roadside lot. Competitors are doing. So why not take your branding on the road?

Budget conscious? We understand, because most of our projects are B2B. Our seasoned sales staff will help you define the best graphics package to meet your goals and that budget, whther it's a bumper-to-bumper wrap, a vinyl decal, or your company's contact information on the tailgate.

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Full-Service Wraps - Reflective/Non-Reflective Designs - Vinyl Appliques - Decals - Magnets & More!

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Look at some of our sample work and we think you'll agree: workmanship, experience and uncompromising standards produce satisfying results and repeat customers.

We can wrap it all: cars, trucks, boats, RV's, vans, semi's, limo's, snowmobiles, jetskis, food trucks and much more! Work with one of our skilled designers to create the graphics you want. Weather applying graphics to the side of your car, bus, truck, or semi-truck trailer you can be sure you are getting the very best quality and the very best price!

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Benefits of a Vehicle Wraps

Investing in auto graphics and vehicle wraps can provide multiple advertising benefits and opportunities for your business, especially if you are advertising for a local business.
Car wraps are:

  • Eye-catching and offer your company the ability to attract new customers while creating brand awareness
  • Full vehicle wraps are a cost effective form of advertising and usually cost a fraction of what TV, Radio, and Billboard advertisements would cost your company (cost per impression)
  • Branding your service trucks and fleet vehicles can provide a unified and professional look for your company, which can lead to a more favorable opinion of your Brand
  • Full vehicle wraps can help the body of your vehicle remain in great condition over time. Wraps can last 5 – 7 years and even longer if taken care of by its owners.
  • Graphics can be easily detached from any vehicle without causing any damage to the vehicle. In fact, automobile wraps protect the body of the vehicle and the original paint.
  • Reach a Larger Audience More Often
  • Stretch Your Advertising Dollars - One time fee gets you years of advertising
  • Bypass Signage restrictions - With a mobile billboard you never worry about placement, rates or timing

Premium Vehicle Wraps & Graphics, Affordable Prices

Custom Sign Center uses in-house printing and application specialist to create all its vinyl wraps and graphics. We can produce and install graphics for any vehicle size, color, and style. We’ve completed hundreds of custom vehicle transformations using high resolution digital printing on all vinyl prints. Some of the most common wrap styles are:

  • Full Vehicle Wraps – A complete vehicle transformation created with large vinyl graphics applied directly to the automobile and its original paint.
  • Vinyl Graphics/ Appliqués – (Partial vehicle wraps) These graphics cover the selected areas of the vehicles with a custom logo, graphic, or company information.
  • Reflective Decals – Night vision decals printed on reflective vinyl that displays very well during the day and night. A great solution for advertising 24 hours a day.
  • Custom Decals – Small to medium sized decorative graphics printed on vinyl and transfered to your vehicle body or window.
  • Window Graphics – Window graphics are printed on perforated window film with very small holes that allow you to see through the windows.
  • Car Magnets – Vinyl signs and or logos with a magnetic layer normally seen on the side doors of vehicles.  View some of our Custom Magnetic Signs for more information.

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics Maintenance

Maintaining your vehicles wraps and graphics is important for the life of the application as well as the professional appears that your company wants to display. A few tips to help you keep your vehicle and graphics in great condition include:

  1. Wash your vehicle regularly – This will help keep your graphics looking great and you can inspect your vehicle for any peeling or gashes that may have occurred.
  2. Repair any damages – Have your vehicle wrap specialist fix any peeling or gashes immediately to avoid bigger issues.
  3. Safe Driving – Remind employees about driving safely to protect your investment