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Custom Sign Center provides attractive, legible, and quality Wall Signs that say “Come in & do business - we’re ready to serve you.” Every day, your most important market is those thousands of people passing by your front door, so don't waste time, get custom signage for your business and start increasing your sales! Signs do more than just display your company logo. In terms of pure cost effectiveness, business signs provide remarkable value! Corporate signs are great for brand recognition, marketing, directional signage, and providing an enhanced customer experience. Below are examples of recent Commercial Sign builds and installs:

Wall signs | Maurys Bar & Kitchen

Wall Signs for Citizens Bank

Pizza Rustica Wall Signs

Tim Hortons Wall Signs

Commercial Wall Signs

Quality Commercial Signs provide your business with a great way to welcome your new and existing customers, and these signs also offer a unique branding opportunity for your company’s locations. We provide endless possibilities for business sign designs, as there are many different styles, colors, and material combinations that can be used to build your perfect sign. Some of our most popular Commercial Signs include:

  • Channel Letters: Custom-made 3D Illuminated Letter Signs constructed of metal or acrylic and are most commonly used in exterior signage applications. We manufacture four different Channel Letter styles (Standard, Open Face, Reverse, and Black and White) all of which have high-impact architectural elements capable of serving the branding needs for your business. Also available are Logo Channel boxes and Tag-line Channel signage. Both are different from actual channel letters by design, however, channel boxes and tag-line boxes are still very effective forms of custom signage. For more information and examples of the 3D Commercial Signs we offer view our Channel Letter Signs page.
  • Neon Signs: Neon lighting is a vibrant and bold sign solution for businesses operating in highly-competitive industries, (i.e. Food Service, Bars and Retail). These colorful, glowing signs provide a truly custom and unique design for your business as they are handcrafted with glass and infused with bright neon colors. To view our neon color chart and discover more information about these custom signs, view our Neon Signs and Lighting page.
  • Routed Cut Letters: Cut Letters are usually made of MDO (Medium Density Overlay) plywood. Routed letters are a sleek and modern way of adding interior wall décor in a lobby, office, or on a reception desk. Generally used to display brand logos and company messages, these signs are a simple and effective way to create a total brand experience for your customers. A ½” in thickness, routed and painted with custom colors, MDO letter signs can be easily installed directly to the wall or mounted with metal stand-offs for a sophisticated look. View our Gallery for examples of our recent work.

Other Business Wall Sign styles include:

  • Engraved Signs
  • Brushed Aluminum
  • LED Illuminated
  • Projecting Signs
  • Logo Signs
  • Non-Illuminated
  • ADA Signs
  • Directional Signs

Quality Materials Used

We use quality production materials from other local businesses in Columbus, Ohio to manufacture our signs and keep competitive pricing available for our clients. The most commonly used materials in Commercial Wall Signs include the following:

  • MDO – (Medium Density Overlay) is a ½” thick quality plywood with a smooth and long lasting surface mainly used to create custom routed sign letters
  • PVC – (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a medium weight, ½”- ¾” thick material that is a durable and cost effective sign material for both indoor and outdoor use
  • HDU – (High Density Urethane) is a versatile, and high-quality sign foam commonly referred to as Gator foam®, available in 1 ½” – 2” thickness and used to create 3D signs

Materials like MDO and HDU are often laminated with other materials such as brushed Aluminum to create unique finishes for your custom signage.

Other sign materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Canvas
  • Printed Vinyl
  • Magnetic

Interior vs. Exterior Signage

Most sign materials can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications; however, the material can determine the life of the product. The type of the wall sign can also determine what is suitable for interior versus exterior signage. Examples of commercial interior signage include: routed letters and engraved signs using materials such as MDO, PVC, and Acrylic. MDO, PVC, and Acrylic are easily customizable materials, and are perfect options for in-store branding and informational wall signs. These are great materials to use for lobby areas, receptionist desks, and point-of-sale signage. On the other hand, exterior signs would consist of neon signs or channel letters. On some occasions these signs can be used indoors (i.e. mall stores), depending on the type of business or industry, but it is most likely that these signs will be found outdoors as a form of advertising and gaining foot traffic to your location.

If you are still concerned about which signage style and materials would work best for your company, Custom Sign Center has over 40 years of experience in the sign industry and our certified sales team can help you determine your signage needs. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Sign Installation

Custom Sign Center is a full service sign company with our own trained installation crews and fleet of trucks available for installs around the buckeye state. Wall mounting application includes:

  • Flush
  • Metal Stand-offs
  • Raceway

Each of these mounting options can provide a unique and creative sign for your Commercial Wall Sign.

Sign Permitting

As a full service sign company we offer Commercial Wall Sign Permitting Services to assist in obtaining the appropriate documentation for your wall signage. Below are F.A.Q.s answered by our Custom Sign Center Permit Agent, John Gaven, who has over 30 years in the sign industry and 12 years of experience directly relating to sign permits.

• What is the permitting process for Commercial Wall Signs?
Permitting begins with an investigation of the zoning ordinance for signs (sign code) of the permit granting government entity. The purpose is to know what the code will allow for the location (type, size, color, etc.). Once this is known, applications can be filled out and submitted for review by the permit granting jurisdiction. An application zoning approved and installation approved will produce a permit once the permit fees are paid.

• Do I need a permit for Interior Wall Signs?
In most cases, interior signs do not require a permit. However, a wall sign inside a mall may require both an electrical and structural permit after landlord approval. 

• What is the average turn-around time for approvals?
The average is about 3 weeks in most jurisdictions. That can increase to 4 weeks in some jurisdictions where markets are larger and construction volume is greater. Some jurisdictions have 30 days written into their zoning processes.
• Is there anything I can do to help speed up the permitting process?
The client can help the process run smoothly by providing all the information required for the application like (owner affidavits, signatures, and authorizations, notarized) in a timely manner.

• Will the size of the sign make a difference in the permitting process?
Generally, any permanent wall sign in almost any jurisdiction, that is illuminated and over 10 square feet, will require a licensed/registered sign contractor to pull a permit for installation. About 50% of the time, in the jurisdiction location, any permanent wall sign over 32 square feet will require an engineer’s stamp.

• How does the permit approval process vary across jurisdictions?
Permitting varies greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Even within jurisdictions the requirements for a permit in a historical zone will vary greatly from a standard commercial zone. Some government entities limit sign size, color, or illumination type. The very stringent codes will limit all three.

Please contact our permitting department at 614.279.6700 and ask for John Gaven for any further questions.SaveSaveSave