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Restaurant Signs

Whether a mom-and-pop diner or a national restaurant franchise, a well-made and -maintained sign is a warm invitation to eat at your restaurant, cafe, bar or bistro establishment. The quality and condition of exterior signs, fair or not, create a strong, instant perception about the interior of your store.  With that in mind, Custom Sign Center's experienced sign specialists can help you identify the most cost-effective signage strategy for your unique business situation.  Trust us with your signs; our company has built a decades-long reputation on designing, fabricating, installing and servicing the highest quality restaurant signs in the industry.

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Info-Graphic: Sign Types

Case Study: Solving the Budget Dilemma
A new franchisee had multiple quotes from sign manufacturers for the main building sign to her north Columbus Ohio establishment. However, every estimate was more than $3,000 over her allocated budget.
Our sales person was able to identify the customer's need based upon her location and business profile, and recommend a storefront sign within her budget. Experience matters. Our knowledgeable sign specialist was able to provide the customer with an illuminated cabinet sign that satisfied her outdoor marketing needs by recommending the appropriate style and size product for her location.
There is a right sign for your business, too. Why not speak with an experienced sign product specialist to identify the best signage options for your organization?

A Sign for Every Need

We Make Every Sign A Food Establishment Would Need.